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Has E-mail Made the Thank You Note Obsolete?

by Terrence O'Brien
Jul 1st 2009

In the age of texting, Twittering, e-mailing, and Simul-Tubing, the art of the hand-written message has suffered. Jen Burke Anderson of the San Francisco Chronicle finds herself wondering, is sending handwritten thank you notes passe in the digital age?

It's been common practice for a long, long time to send handwritten thank you notes to your wedding guests, to friends who let you crash on their couches, and to potential employers after job interviews. But in a time when most communication is done via electronic means, can you skate by with a quick e-mail? Lisa Mirza Grotts, founder of the etiquette consultancy AML Group, told Anderson that while an e-mail or even a quick phone call could suffice, a handwritten thank-you still reigns supreme. Thanks to our increasingly digital, and impersonal, communications, handwritten notes are potentially more important than ever, she says.