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Don Earnest

Is Etiquette Your Cup of Tea?

Etiquette isn't just for stuffy Victorian tea drinkers or Gatsby-esque croquet players. It's intended to help make your life better, no matter the color of your collar or your station in life. Here are some insights on how good manners benefit everyone:

"People say to me that etiquette is pretentious. It's not. Etiquette is about kindness, courtesy, and respect." -Melenie Broyles, founder of Etiquette Saint Louis, an organization that conducts etiquette classes

"Etiquette is just a set of rules that evolve as our culture evolves. We have travel etiquette, death etiquette, phone etiquette, and Internet etiquette. There are rules for everything." -Lisa Mirza Grotts, San Francisco-based government protocol expert and founder of an etiquette consulting firm called the AML Group

"Etiquette helps smooth the way through different situations. It's about being considerate and respectful and honest and kind. It's based on consideration and respect-being able to empathize with how other people might want to be treated. A lot of it is common sense, and a lot of it depends on the situation." -Peggy Post, author, columnist, and great-granddaughter-in-law of etiquette pioneer Emily Post