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Social Pressures of Big Money

Friend or Foe?

Instant money can mean instant friends. But are they real, or are they after your money?

That's one concern Wednesday's three winners will be dealing with.

Lisa Mirza Grotts is a San Francisco etiquitte and social consultant.

Her experience is centered around working with Silicon Valley's instant millionaires. According to Mirza-- it's not unlike winning the lottery.

"Someone will have to consult their own good sense. If you have 10 friends one week and 50 the next, you have to look at the reasons," Mirza says.

This kind of money could vault someone into some new social situations. "With great money comes great responsibility. Good manners don't cost anything, but bad manners can cost a lot."

What does Mirza think the winner should do first? "Disconnect your phone, and then hire a financial consultant. Or hire an assistant to field your calls, because you'll get a lot of them."