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"Good Manners Are Good Business"

Gentry Magazine

The AML Group says that research proves it only takes five seconds to make an impression. To help you heighten your image, etiquette and protocol consultants lead two seminars in mastering power skills for both the boardroom and the dinner table. In today's competitive times, knowing your area of expertise is indeed crucial, as is the ability to get along with others, demonstrate good manners and make others feel comfortable. Business and Social Etiquette, a four hour seminar, offers such skills as "Basic Rules of Introductions," "Telephone As An Effective Selling Tool," and "International Protocol Tips For the World Traveler." Another four house seminar, Business and Social Entertaining, shows that table manners are not just about which fork to use, but instructs you on "Duties of the Host, Hostess & Guest," "Power Dining at Home, at the Office and in Restaurants". as well as "How to Make the Perfect Toast." This seminar runs 7 hours with a meal. Each seminar minimum is 10 persons. For a more polished image, and better confidence at every business or social occasion, invest in The AML Group and set yourself apart with Good Manners and Good Business. Call 415-398-3229 or visit their website at