Uber Car Etiquette

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Uber. How many times does this word enter your vocabulary? It rarely entered mine until the personal car service Uber was formed. Now available in many major U.S. cities and in twenty-two countries, Uber allows you to book and pay for a car online or with your smartphone, ... Read More »

Japanese Protocol

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Japan was closed to the West for many years before the middle of the nineteenth century, and it remains a uniquely individual culture. Travelers for both business and pleasure should learn a few points of protocol before visiting Japan, as this will add greatly to the success of ... Read More »

The ABC’s of Travel

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I have written a book on travel etiquette, but unfortunately, many people have not read it, and many more people are not aware of the ABC’s of travel.

Enroute to Arizona last month, I boarded a Southwest flight and was seated in section A. Travel warriors ... Read More »

Travel Questions And Answers

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Here are answers to several common travel questions:

1. Is it okay to shake hands in all countries? Don’t people in some countries hug and kiss upon greeting? In most cultures, people shake hands. But it all depends on where you are in the world. In ... Read More »