Opera Glove Etiquette

Category: Events

It’s opera season, and the gloves are on, at least for opening night at the opera, the symphony, and other formal events. Here is what you need to know when wearing opera gloves (also known as evening gloves) for any occasion.

• Gloves should be kept ... Read More »

It’s a Toast, Not a Roast!

Category: Events

Some of the most important occasions in our life call for a toast. At weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, and other momentous occasions, a toast (a very short speech) is often expected. Some find this task daunting, but if you’re prepared, speaking in front of a group can even ... Read More »

The Etiquette of Funerals

Category: Events

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and yes, even funerals are milestones in our lives. With the tragic and untimely death of Chelsea King just last week, we are reminded of just how precious life is. Funerals provide closure, a necessary part of the mourning process. But ... Read More »