Concert Etiquette

Category: Entertainment

As a former music major, classical music is emotionally overwhelming for me. So naturally my experience is spoiled when a performance is interrupted by a cell phone ringing or someone unwrapping candy. Fortunately, at live performances we are reminded that phones and pagers must be turned off before ... Read More »

Meeting the Queen

Category: Royal


During my term as director of protocol for the city and county of San Francisco, HRH Prince Andrew paid a visit to the city. As dictated by British protocol, I was not allowed to speak to the prince until first spoken to. This was difficult, seeing that ... Read More »

Handshakes That Grab Respect

Category: Business

Make no mistake: You are judged by your handshake. A firm, friendly handshake with good eye contact shows self-confidence. And far more than you realize, you unconsciously judge others by the way they shake your hand. When a person shakes your hand easily and earnestly, he or she ... Read More »