Fifty Shades of Food

Category: Food & Dining

Some foods are tricky to eat in public. When at lunch or dinner with friends or colleagues, stick with the foods you feel most comfortable eating. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, practice makes perfect with all foods!

These are accepted techniques for eating bothersome foods:

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Who Gets the Check?

Category: Food & Dining

There are only three scenarios: the man pays, the woman pays, or the meal is Dutch, that is, both participants pay their way. On a “traditional” first date, where the man has invited the woman to a meal, he should always pay. Among friends, checks are usually split, ... Read More »

Rules for the Runway

Category: Fashion

The first Fashion Week (then called Press Week) was held in New York in 1943. Today, there are two Fashion Weeks in the city each year, in February and September. New York’s version is considered one of the four major fashion events in the world (the others are ... Read More »

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Category: Events

The Bar Mitzvah is to the Jews as Confirmation is to several Christian denominations. It occurs when a Jewish boy turns thirteen, and it takes place on the first Saturday after that birthday. The Bar Mitzvah, meaning “son of the commandment,” is used to denote both the ceremony ... Read More »