Hair Salon Etiquette 101

Category: Beauty

How much should I tip the shampoo person? Is it okay to eat while having my hair done? Good questions! If you ever feel unsure about salon etiquette, simply ask! Every salon will have different rules, but I think you’ll find most will be accommodating. As with any ... Read More »

Travel Questions And Answers

Category: Travel

Here are answers to several common travel questions:

1. Is it okay to shake hands in all countries? Don’t people in some countries hug and kiss upon greeting? In most cultures, people shake hands. But it all depends on where you are in the world. In ... Read More »

Hat Etiquette

Category: Fashion

Have you noticed how often men wear their hats indoors? This is a breach of etiquette that some men don’t seem to know about. And it’s always surprising to me how many people do not remove their baseball caps when the National Anthem is sung. Hats are worn ... Read More »