Family Holiday Q&A

Category: Holidays

As well all know, holidays can be tricky for families. It’s the time to make peace, not war, especially since family get-togethers don’t happen every day. But a holiday gathering can sometimes be a minefield, what with off-the-wall family members, conversation pitfalls, gift-giving quandaries, and dietary restrictions. Here ... Read More »

Opera Glove Etiquette

Category: Events

It’s opera season, and the gloves are on, at least for opening night at the opera, the symphony, and other formal events. Here is what you need to know when wearing opera gloves (also known as evening gloves) for any occasion.

• Gloves should be kept ... Read More »

Bread and Butter Etiquette

Category: Food & Dining

It’s the little things that count with manners, including the proper way to eat bread and butter when dining in company. These tips will make you a pleasant and knowledgeable dining companion:

• A basket with rolls, sliced breads, crackers, and/or breadsticks may be passed at ... Read More »

A Dining Cheat Sheet

Category: Food & Dining

Dining manners are not just empty rules; they make dining with others a more pleasant experience for everyone. The next time you dine in someone’s home or in a restaurant, remember your Ps and Qs for optimal dining enjoyment.

The napkin is usually placed to the ... Read More »