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Kindness Matters

The Captain Is King at Sea

When you’re on a ship at sea, the captain is always king. You might not be lucky enough to sit at his table for dinner, but remember that you are a subject of his kingdom. For smooth sailing on the seas, remember your proper etiquette, but also keep in mind a few...

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From Emoticons to Emoji: The New Punctuation

If you can say it with a 😃 or a 💜, why not? Less is more, especially with texts, which are meant 2 b short. The great advantages of texting and email are the three e’s: They’re easy, effective and effortless. But the downside of electronic messaging is the lack of...

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How to Be a Popular Hostess

Dorothy Draper, an American interior decorator, wrote a book entitled Entertaining Is Fun: How to Be a Popular Hostess. It can be fun to entertain, although many people find giving a party daunting. To do it right, you need just one basic component: lists, lists, and...

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Fifty Shades of Food

Some foods are tricky to eat in public. When at lunch or dinner with friends or colleagues, stick with the foods you feel most comfortable eating. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, practice makes perfect with all foods! These are accepted techniques for eating...

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Who Gets the Check?

There are only three scenarios: the man pays, the woman pays, or the meal is Dutch, that is, both participants pay their way. On a “traditional” first date, where the man has invited the woman to a meal, he should always pay. Among friends, checks are usually split,...

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